The Lost Art of Vintage Hair and The Basic Art of Braiding Hair
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Taking their inspiration from an eclectic variety of sources; fusing haute couture with street fashion, each collection highlights Patrick's skills as a master craftsman.

Collections including the Elizabethan inspired Royal Collection, The Jewel Collection, the Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired Glamour, the sexy and seductive Tango Collection, the show stopping Opera, Global Tribe, Arts and Crafts, the textured Nightlife Collection and the inspirational Visionaire Collection have all enthralled audiences the world over. The sophisticated looks of Bohemian Revolution incorporated plaiting and braiding fused with elegantly dressed hair.
To celebrate ten years as the leading global long hair expert, Patrick launched the sophisticated and elegant Provocateur, which was followed by the elegant Cream, a beautiful collection of contemporary classic looks, which provide the perfect showcase for Patrick's dexterity when dealing with all lengths and textures of hair. The Ladies Who Lunch collection is the reinvention of power dressing, uncompromising and expensive with a contemporary twist.
Pure is a collection of timeless composure and restrained elegance, with a hint of bridal, a nod to the formal debutante ball and a shameless flirtation with cocktail vogue.
The Red Carpet collection skilfully combines beautiful, sculpted shapes and intricate finishes, Patrick explores the balance between classic styles with alternative textures, and the contrast of hair with a sense of energy and perfect placement.

Patrick's "Prestige" collection is the ultimate in glamorous looks. It takes inspiration from the captivating imagery of the pin-ups of the 40s and 50s, the exotic allure of burlesque and the effervescence of technicolour Hollywood musicals, and is re-invented as a refreshing contemporary trend. The result is a powerful combination of feminine iconic looks and highly charged seductiveness.

2010 marks a very special anniversary for Patrick Cameron: 20 years of international travels and collaboration with Wella worldwide. To celebrate this occasion, Patrick will launch his Gold
. The concept for the Gold Collection stems from the frequently asked question: “Where do you get your inspiration from?” This new show has been designed to be a ‘mood board’ of all the imagery and elements that trigger Patrick’s creativity. For the Gold Collection, Patrick has carefully selected ten hairstyles referencing his own iconic looks from the last 20 years, distilled and made fresh again, resulting in a completely new, timeless collection.

Patrick Cameron’s 2011 collection “Ultraviolet” is a celebration of big hair. Volume in hair is the big story at the moment and in this case the big story is getting bigger. These hairstyles, despite their generous volume, are very light and airy, even see-through in parts. There’s a beautiful balance between the apparent solidity of the shapes and their beautiful vaporous textures.

Patrick Cameron’s collection for 2012 “Club Noir” is a sophisticated ensemble of looks that combines voluminous shapes and soft textures inspired by quintessential elegance and glossy glamour.

The collection for 2013, “Spellbound”, takes us on a journey of glamour through the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Using classic techniques Patrick presents iconic vintage looks and their modern, up-to-the-minute equivalent ‘red carpet’ interpretations.

2014 brings us "Session" The Editorial Collection which is inspired by media and editorial looks. This is not commercial hair, but the craft of the execution can be applied to consumer hairstyling with amazing results.

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